Giants Lake Balsam Fir are proud providers of Atlantic Canadian grown Christmas trees, hand assembled wreaths and baled brush.

Our trees are grown on, and sourced from, environmentally sustainable woodlots located primarily in Eastern Nova Scotia. It is our commitment to provide our customers with only the freshest, highest quality trees and wreaths available.

The woodlots the trees are grown on consist of naturally seeded stock, grown in uneven aged stands with important attention being paid to maintaining bio-diversity. With an abundance of natural seed in the existing seed bank, an average five or six new seedlings will naturally regenerate to take the place of the harvested tree.


USDA Tree Grades

Using set criteria, harvested trees are evaluated for shape, density, number of defects and overall appearance in order to determine the market grade.

Our trees are purchased and marketed using a set of standards known as USDA Tree Grades and Standards. The three standard grades available under these guidelines include: Premium, No.1, No.2 (Selected Natural)
The specifics of these grades can be referenced HERE


Premium Grade

Grade No.1.png

No.1 Grade


No.2 Grade - Selected Natural